The mission of the Endowment Committee is to solicit, receive, and administrate benevolent contributions given to the church in perpetuity and to provide opportunities for financial ministries beyond the church budget.

The monies within the Fund are conservatively invested and principal is never withdrawn.  Only the earnings are used and distributed.  Currently, the fund is distributed as follows:

  • 50% of the earnings are reinvested to help grow the fund
  • 20% is used for educational grants for the benefit of Faith Lutheran Church members
  • 20% is used to help cover the costs of youth activities
  • 10% is used for operating expenses

We welcome investment in the Endowment Fund which may be in the form of various monetary gifts such as remembrance or commemorative gifts.  Gifts which also aid more rapid growth of the fund include:

  • simple cash gifts
  • real estate, securities
  • life insurance policies
  • annuities
  • bequests and trusts

During 2016-2017, the Faith Lutheran Church Endowment Fund has maintained investments with Thrivent Financial. The Endowment Fund was increased by donations received as Memorial Gifts for Chris Carnes, Myron Pederson and Adele Pimentel; and Honor Gifts for Laverne Blaha.

The Committee awarded three Educational Grants in the amount of $1,000 to high school seniors: Peter Althoff, Christopher Carruth and Kaitlin Suchanek. Additionally, the Committee awarded $4,110 to the Reformation 500 committee, which will help sponsor the Martin Luther celebration activities this year. The purpose of these grants and awards, is to support activities outside of the Faith Lutheran Church budget.

The Committee is thankful to all those who contributed to the Faith Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, making these financial grants and award possible.

Current members of the Committee and end of terms are as follows:

Susan Nelson
(starting a first term)              4/30/2017-2020

Jim Holien
(ending second term)             4/30/2018

Tom Williams
(ending second term)             4/30/2018

David Newacheck
(starting a second term)          4/30/2017-2020

Cathy Althoff
(starting a first term)               4/30/2017-2020