Open Submissions for FLCCV’s 2017 Advent Devotional

Calling all creative types: writers, artists, and more! This year, the Youth Group of Faith Lutheran Church is preparing an Advent Devotional. The devotional will be entirely composed of devotions, lessons, poetry, stories, and/or artwork by you—the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church! The devotional will be sold for a small suggested donation price, with sales to benefit the Youth Group’s trip to the 2018 National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas.

Submission Guidelines: If you would like to submit your work to be considered for the Advent Devotional, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Submissions may be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment to or they may be submitted in hard copy to the envelope in the church narthex on the bulletin board marked “submissions.”
  2. Written submissions, with the exception of poetry, should be around 250-500 words in length. Longer submissions may need to be shortened if selected.
  3. Art or photograph submissions are also encouraged! It is preferred that you submit a copy of your art or photograph, which can either be scanned into a computer and sent to the above e-mail address or the copy may be submitted in hard copy to the envelope in the church narthex. This is to prevent any potential damage to your art or photograph. If your art or photograph is selected, we may need to rescan it to guarantee it will print in high resolution. Photographs of original items such as quilts, sculptures, etc. are welcome, as well! It is recommended for art and photograph submissions that you include a brief paragraph about how the submission relates to the themes of Advent.
  4. We hope to include all the submissions we receive as part of the devotional; however, due to space, we may unfortunately not be able to print every submission. Please know that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the devotional.
  5. There is no age limit—children are encouraged to submit artwork, stories, and devotions, as well!
  6. Please include your name on the first page of the submission so we can respond if we have any questions, even if you would like the devotion to be anonymous in the devotional. This way, we can contact you if there are any questions. If you would like it to appear in the devotional as anonymous, please notate that under your name.
  7. Submissions are due Sunday, November 12.

Theme: the theme for the Advent Devotional is gratitude. Your submission does not need to follow that theme; however, preference will be given to works that do follow the theme. Any submission that follows a general theme of advent, including holidays, winter, family, joy, hope, anticipation, etc. are welcome! 

Tips for writing an inspiring devotion: Think about the season of Advent—a season of anticipation, expectation, and gratitude. How does this contrast with the business of the preparations for the holiday season? Are there stories or examples from your life—whether it was as a child or as an adult–where you had much anticipation for an event, experience, etc.? How did that play out? Are there examples where you see God at work in your life or in the world? Or, you could provide a reflection on a Bible verse related to the theme. What about that Bible verse is special for you? How does that Bible verse relate to the theme? Etc. If you would like help thinking of an idea for your submission, please contact either Joshua Warfield or Pastor Barbara Foltin.