Mid-week Bible Study Class

Each week on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 we hold a special adult Bible study class. We cover a variety of subjects. Recently, we have studied the book of Job, James, John, and Romans. We have also had a class on prayer and the Lord’s Prayer. You can count on the fact that all the classes will be interesting and informative. All are welcome.
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Men’s Breakfast Bible Study

The Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study Group was established over a quarter century ago
by men, of Christian beliefs at Faith Lutheran Church, who wanted to share fellowship and
strengthen their Christian faith together in our community.

Men of all ages in our community are welcome to attend the Breakfast and Bible Study,
on the first Saturday of each month from September through June at 8:00 AM. The breakfast is
prepared and served by the men who attend our monthly breakfast and study, with the cost of the
food served being reimbursed to the host through a free will offering.

Along with a brief Bible study, men are invited to share their experiences, concerns, and
questions relating to the navigation of our Christianity and life. It is our mission, as men of the
Christian faith to fellowship, strengthen, support, and share God’s love and message as we go
about our daily responsibilities with our families, friends, and community.

Join us for great fellowship.
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Lydia Circle

Description coming soon!
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Sarah Circle

Sarah Circle is a women’s Bible Study group. We meet monthly to study Bible lessons and discuss how these lessons relate to our daily lives. After the lesson, dessert and fellowship are enjoyed by all. Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month, September through June, at 7:30pm. Bible study lessons are from The Gather magazine. Members of the group rotate the responsibilities of hosting the meeting and leading the study.


  • September Potluck: At the first meeting of the year, we combine an appetizer potluck with the Bible study.
  • Annual Weekend Retreat: A weekend retreat is planned during the year. This event is a Friday evening through Sunday morning “get away”. During the weekend, Bible lessons are presented by members of the group and activities are planned to reinforce the lessons and the impact on our daily lives. The weekend culminates with an intimate worship service on Sunday morning.

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The Mary Magdalene’s

We are a women’s group that meets once a month to read and discuss books that are of spiritual interest to us – a “Spiritual Book Club” if you will. All women of faith are welcome.


  • Bread for the World Offering of Letters: The congregation writes letters to our representatives in Congress about issues that impact people who are “food insecure” both in this country and around the world. Our group coordinates this activity, educates people on the issues, and mails the letters.
  • Fair Trade Fair: Each fall we make Fair Trade products available for the people to include in their Christmas shopping. Any money this event raises goes to support other charities, such as the ELCA Hunger Appeal, the Heifer Project, or the Smile Train.

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Solo Channels

Description coming soon!


The Kruisers are a fun and interesting group. The group was started many years ago when we were in
our 30s and 40s. Many of us are now Senior Citizens. It has been a nice way for Faith friends to gather
and enjoy the many fun things to do in the Bay Area. It is also a way for us to get to know each other
and share ideas by taking turns planning these events. We have activities about every other month
except for a break in July and August. We also gather in December to visit our church friends who are
shut-ins and unable to attend church any longer. Our group always welcomes new members to join
with us to share the fun and fellowship.
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The Inquiry Class

The inquiry class meets approximately three times a year for those persons considering membership at Faith. It is a short class meeting two times on Sunday mornings from 12:00 to 1:00, right after fellowship time. We cover Lutheran Doctrine, and the structure and ministry of Faith Lutheran Church.
Questions? Pastor Bill Wong